Welcome to Crystallised Healing. Through the Emotional Release Therapies that we utilise you will awaken your inner wisdom and begin to self heal.  The traumas of our lives are emotions stored energetically in our bodies and the accumulation causes us to feel uncomfortable.  We are energetic beings and so must be energetically balanced to be heal ourselves physically emotionally and spiritually.


Robyn offers a profound healing experience. Through professional counselling she connections to your inner child so each individual healing is unique and guided by spirit to clear blockages, to show insight into your passion and to connect with your higher self.


Jessica and I offer holistic healing through energy and the powerful medicine of crystals. Crystals have been used throughout time in many cultures for physical and emotional healing, releasing blockages and for spiritual awakening. 


Each healing begins with an aura cleansing using sage and drumming. These unique healing processes can also involve body work to release emotions and blockages trapped within the body. 


At Crystallised Healing we offer a Meditation and Healing Circle, Kids and Teens Meditation and Spirit Sound Circle, Workshops and One Day Retreats. Enjoy your journey through our website and allow your intuition to guide you to what is needed for your highest good. 

Welcome to Crystallised Healing



Robyn Pacey offers spiritual counselling sessions. Drawing on many years experience as a mental health nurse and counsellor. She holds a sacred space for emotional release and insight into life events utilising her connection with spirit to guide you through your journey. 

Crystal Chakra Balance


Jessica and Robyn offer a guided Meditative Process using Crystals and Sound to balance and cleanse your Chakras. Our Crystal Chakra Balance will leave you with a relaxed sense of renewal and clear, calm energy. 

Inner Child Healing -emotional blockage release


Robyn facilitates this sacred healing process allowing you insight into where emotional blockages are stored from your childhood. Often the release comes from an unexpected place. Inner child healing can shift your journey in a profound and lasting way. 

Relaxing Massage


Book in for an hour of pure relaxation. Robyn offers gentle body work, hot rocks and uses a rose quartz massage stone to relax your body and quieten your mind. You'll emerge feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Psychic readings


Robyn’s connection with spirit offers you confirmation, and explanations into your soul’s path. During your reading she  receives messages for you through her Clairsentience and Claircognizance abilities, while utilising the Oracle Card pack. 


Robyn is well known for her ability to locate “knots” and work them to help release both physical and emotional blocks. Her treatment uses a combination of infra heat, Crystal light therapy and organic liniment oils. 

Therapeutic Massage

Events at Crystallised Healing


We run a number of workshops throughout the year including:

  • Self Love Workshop
  • Big Vision Baby Steps
  • Experiential Astrology for Self Mastery

Workshops are offered on weekends in the peaceful surroundings of our rainforest venue on Mt Tamborine. We are located just a 30 minute drive from both the Gold Coast and Brisbane, depending of course on highway traffic. 


We run regular meditation sessions for adults:

  • Meditation Healing Circle for Adults

We also run meditation sessions for kids and teenagers. We offer meditation for two age groups:

  • Kids 3 - 8
  • Teenagers 9 - 14

Spirit Sound Circles

Spirit Sound Circles are held regularly at Crystallised Healing and provide the opportunity for participants to heal through vibrational frequencies.


Sound Circles are offered on week nights in the quiet space of our meditation studio on Mt Tamborine. 

Retreats at Crystallised Healing

One Day Retreats (Pamper Days)

Our Spiritual Pampering Day includes:

  • An Aura Sage and Drumming Ceremony
  • Relaxing Massage
  • Shamanic Astrology Session
  • Reading with Medium Jason Russo

A delicious vegetarian lunch made to suit all dietary needs.