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Healing, crystals, passion & self love ( not necessarily in that order) are some of what Crystallised Healing embodies. Our passion is for everyone to feel joy, to love who they are, to find their passion and walk that path, to raise their vibration and share it with others, and to be happy.  


Let me introduce ourselves … We are Robyn Pacey and Jessica Allam. Since we met we have had a vision to share our spiritual journey in a way that will also shed light on the spiritual journeys of others. We are all looking for clarity on some level, in our work life, our relationships with partners and family, and our past experiences. However at times we get clouded by our busy minds and thoughts. So the easy answer is to get out of your head and into your heart.  This has almost become our motto at Crystallised Healing. We say this daily to clients of all ages. It's easy to say but not always easy to put into practice. We have several modalities to gently guide you to your own inner wisdom, the more you get to know your inner wisdom the more clarity you will find. 


In this first blog post we'd like to share the story of how Crystallised Healing came to be on the Mountain. One day we found ourselves at Tamborine Mountain  and the energy of this spectacular place did not leave us after we returned to our busy city life.  Within a year we purchased our own mountain home that allowed our passion to grow.  We have rainforest in our back yard and a three bay shed in the front that we ceremoniously named 'The Temple'.  With love and dedication together we created a very safe and sacred space with an inviting and comfortable vibration. 


When we first made an offer to buy this property we were living in Brisbane.  Jessica put together a Crystal Grid and placed the contract for purchase in its middle. We then set our intention and meditated while lying next to this grid. During this meditation Robyn was taken into the back yard of the property and found herself surrounded by Indigenous women, some of these women were very familiar to her and she know she had met them before in a past life. She had a sense of being home and felt compelled to ask permission to work and live in this space. They agreed and gave her their blessings as they stood together, touched her on the head then with a knowing laugh walked off into the rainforest. The feeling was so intense and powerful, as we write these words the same feeling has revisited her. We wanted to tell you this story to give you some insight into the love we have in our hearts for what we do. 


Please explore our Crystallised Healing Website and let us share our passion with you.



Robyn & Jessica


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  • #1

    Roz (Monday, 06 March 2017 20:57)

    Hi Robyn & Jessica,

    Your first blog is just great, I love the story about how you were given permission by the Aboriginal elders to live and work on the land you bought for your home and business.

    I'm looking forward to reading new stories about what you both do at Crystallised Healing.


  • #2

    Mikailah (Tuesday, 07 March 2017 03:17)

    So happy you are launched and living on this beautiful mountain. I feel so blessed to experience your offerings!

  • #3

    Naomi Goodlet (Tuesday, 07 March 2017 15:23)

    Love the story of how you were drawn to your mountain house. You new site is very authentic and beautiful. Congratulations. X

  • #4

    Lyn (Sunday, 19 March 2017 18:13)

    You are a great team Robyn and Jess. It's healing just to be in your company.