Open Heart, Quiet Mind

It has been such an interesting time over the last month to say the least.  We have been through Venus in retrograde with other planets following in suit.  It is said all of this is an opportunity to grow spiritually and emotionally and I guess there is some truth in that. The truth is we need to be grateful and in our hearts for growth and transformation. Its our ego that often gets in the way and manipulates us out of being grateful. It is hard to be grateful when we are living in our head, constantly worrying about the future or rumination about the past. When you drop into your heart you become the moment and your mind is quiet.  This is the only space where there is no anxiety, no fear and no pain. 


As a healer I am privileged to be with people at their most vulnerable. I say privileged because being vulnerable is when you are in your heart and in a state of just being. Often we hear vulnerability is being weak but I believe it is being empowered and strong, when we feel rather than think we grow and transform. It is a belief that our mind is where we find our strength and our cognitive ability is empowerment however this is avoiding emotion and not being in our heart space which in fact is disempowerment. One way of dropping into our heart and finding empowerment is mindfulness. 


Being mindful is the anchor we can hold onto when our minds take us into anxiety, concern, fear and thinking about the past. Mindful techniques can be everyday activities, for example eating mindfully, walking mindfully or listening mindfully. While eating your lunch you focus on chewing your food, how it tastes, the texture in you mouth etc. This slows a racing mind. Walking and focusing on the sounds, smells, colours and how your body feels is being very mindful. Practice this and take note after how you mind was less busy. These are some techniques you can use every day.  If you suffer from anxiety a mindful breathing technique is often helpful and meditation practiced on a regular basis will change how your mind functions. When working as a mental health nurse I came in contact with clients in heightened states of anxiety and often I found that a mindful technique aided best in reducing their anxiety.  


Using my mental health knowledge combined with my spiritual knowledge gives me tools I can share to heal people on an emotional level. What I have found works best for people is dropping into your heart. I guide people through a meditative process to drop into a part of them that is vulnerable and release the emotional blockages built through trauma which is often hidden by fear, anxiety and physical pain. This begins a shift in the way you think about everything you do in your life. 


Crystallised Healing offers a variety of hearings that will help you release. 


Love and Blessings,


Crystallised Healing


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    Roz (Wednesday, 28 June 2017 20:01)

    Robyn, thanks for your wise words. A great article.