Client Testimonials


Georgia Br

28 July 2016


I had a reading from Robyn and she was absolutely in tune with me and also was sensitive to what was going on in my life. I walked away feeling relieved and inspired. 




20th November 2017

Robyn and Jess are amazing, they are very good at what they do, and make you feel so welcome.


Steph Rice

September 28th 2017


Wow you have no idea what this woman can do. She will help you to see what is truly important in this life and also she helps you to love yourself and find peace within ...easier said than done but I genuinely feel she has helped me with this. I feel so light and free after one session. I will definitely be back if need be. But you will not regret seeing her at all. 🌻


March 6th 2017

Testimonial for Robyn


I feel very honoured to have met Robyn Pacey at this time in my life.


After many years of soul-searching and self inquiry I have recently had the privilege of personally experiencing Robyn's spiritual counselling and inner child sessions.


These sessions have enabled me to find a deep sense of peace within myself.  Robyn has an innate ability to 'reframe' situations or life experiences which brings more clarity and understanding.  


Her breadth of wisdom and professional experience enables her to guide you gently and safely, whilst at the same time allowing you to be fully empowered throughout the process.  


I highly recommend her to those that wish to explore deeper levels within their psyche and to guide your Divine Child back 'home' to wholeness. 




In my very first session Robyn let me talk the whole time and boy was it good for someone to really listen and make me feel heard and seen. She did guide me into a direction that surprised me. It definitely opened up some old wounds that had been lingering there for some time. Her approach was gentle, kind and straight talking. I like being pushed as I need it some times just get me to see over the ledge so to speak. The session went for 2.5 hours and it only seemed like 30 minutes. I was so impressed with how she was able to accommodate me and leave me feeling well cared for and she was generous with her time. I have been to other counsellors but no one ever took me into an area of my life that I havent explored before. She also asked some profound questions for me to ponder. And boy have I been pondering it has awoken painful feelings but much needed work to be done. I do so look forward to my next session with you Robyn. It has been insightful for me.





21 November 2017

I came to Robyn in serious pain i.e., chronic pain and left her rooms pain free. This girl has something! She met me, in my vulnerability, and facilitated a deep level of healing — a surprisingly empowering experience. Many thanks 🙏🏼

Susan E 

2 December 2014


Most amazing massage. Had quite a few massages over time but this was unite simply the best. Thank you Robyn.... Sue


Jody R

5 March 2016 


I had the pleasure of having a massage and crystal healing with Robyn today. It was just brilliant!!!! I am going to make this a regular activity for my own well being. Thank you, Robyn xxxx


Kylie K

27 February 2016 


A lovely healing massage by this gifted lady. I only discovered Robyn today, but it won't be the last time. Will travel from Brissy to Tambie for this.


Lou B

1 March 2016 


Thank you Robyn..

Awesome Crystal Healing <3.. a few weeks later and still benefiting from my unique session with you.


Amy S

23 August 2016 


I've never been one to try these sorts of things but after my friends received a crystal healing by Robyn I thought why not! I cannot begin to describe the feelings that we're going through my body during my session and have cried my eyes out for hours afterwards (I'm a big baby). Thank you so much Robyn, you have truly lifted a weight that has been sitting on my chest for years! My friends and I can't wait to come back.

Linette M

19 July 2016 


I can't begin to describe my experience today. Robyn blessed me with a crystal healing that was above and beyond anything I could have anticipated... Thank you, thank you, thank you... with love, grace and gratitude.


Jess Anne H

21 March 2016 


Was an amazing healing experience, lots of love, peace and harmony. Thank you so much for the relaxing healing.


Sarah R

25 July 2016


Robyn and Jess are absolutely amazing!

I am a very picky person on who I trust and open up spiritually and I feel 100% safe in their hands. They have amazing healing abilities and I recommend them to everyone!



20 November 2017

These ladies are truly amazing. Not only with the services they offer for themselves, but also the amazingly talented people they partner with for various pamper days etc. Just try them out. You won’t be disappointed.


Chaz G 

22 May 2016


Robyn and Jess thank you for a perfect spiritual retreat - confirming, inspiring and relaxing, lovely energy and delightful food. I thoroughly enjoying and appreciated everything this retreat had to offer and you were able to give just what my friend needed - it was a beautiful healing! Thank you. 


Sharon D

19 June 2016 


Thanks to the lovely Jess and Robyn great pamper day and definitely will be back.

Sound Circles

Jessica V

February 2017


Crystallised healing is an amazing place! You feel comfortable as soon a you walk through the door, and the experiences afterwards are second to none! You feel like your floating on air and as though you soul has been tapped in to.