About Crystallised Healing


Crystallised Healing is owned and operated by energy healers Robyn Pacey and Jessica Allam. Our healing centre is set in the beautiful rainforest of Tamborine Mountain, accessible from both Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Together we have created a peaceful, sacred safe space, which includes two healing rooms and a large meditation/ workshop room in the front section of our property.


We invite you to feel comfortable in the tranquil surroundings and relaxed energy, while you receive the perfect Individual Healing Experience designed especially for you. Our treatments range from Relaxing massage through to numerous forms of healing, which work on a deep life changing level. 


As you take time to explore our Crystallised Healing website, simply allow your intuition to guide you to the most appropriate experience for you. 

Robyn Pacey

Spiritual Healer

Hello Everyone my name is Robyn Pacey.


I have been nursing for 20 years and have specialised in Aged Care, Palliative Care and Mental Health. Through my work I have gained experience and knowledge that coupled with my spiritual growth have given me an understanding of the connection between body mind and spirit. 


I have completed a Diploma in Counselling and Massage Therapy. I have attended many workshops and courses relating to anything to do with personal growth which has expanded my mind and soul.


Being introduced to the power of Crystal Healing has changed the direction of my life profoundly. I have completed a Diploma with the Crystal Awakening Academy. 


I am now blessed to be following my true passion.  This passion is to be a conduit for healing. This can come is several forms from body work, emotional release therapies through to counselling and inner child healing. Please explore our website to find the best healing option for you. I have the gift of being able to hold a sacred space for your healing to occur on what ever level is required.  I am blessed to be guided by spirit and to pass on messages. I am extremely proud of Crystallised Healing which creates a safe space for all aspects of healing.


Love & Blessings. 

Jessica Allam

Spiritual Healer

Hi, my name is Jessica Allam.


I started my studies with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Drama . Then I worked as a Youth Worker for 2 years.


After returning to study I completed a Bachelor of Social Work.  I am currently a senior social worker with 8 years experience working with children and adolescents in mental health as an authorised Mental Health Practitioner. 


Working through tragedy and loss in my life has placed me on a spiritual journey that has steered me to co-create our business Crystallised Healing. Completing a diploma of Crystal Awakening and Crystal Shamanism ignited my passion for using the powerful medicine of crystals as a healing tool.


I continue to expand my knowledge and develop my skills to offer clients a holistic healing experience. My passion is to share this knowledge with Children and Youth as well as adults.


I am currently available for private sessions with children and adolescents. I specialise in mental health, and family intervention. More information available on this website.  


My connection to Mother Earth, Divine Source and the magnificence of crystal energy guides me daily on my spiritual path, and fills my heart with love!


I look forward to connecting with you.