Events at Crystallised Healing


At Crystallised Healing we offer a number of workshops spaced throughout the year including the Crystal Foundation & Intermediate Crystal Workshops, and our Chakra Workshop where you will learn to clear and balance the chakras.


All workshops are held on weekends in our Crystallised Healing space at 30 Long Road, Mt Tambourine.


At Crystallised Healing we run regular meditation sessions for adults, teenagers and kids.

Meditations are held on week nights for adults and weekday afternoons for kids and teens during school terms.

We offer separate 45 minute meditation sessions for Teenagers from 9 - 14. It's a great way for young people to unwind and learn valuable ways to deal with the stress of everyday life. 


Length of  Sessions: 45 minutes


Teenagers Meditation Sessions: Weekly on Mondays at 5.00 pm


Total price per session: $ 10.00

Book and pay in our Shop to reserve a place for our next Kids or Teenagers Meditation session.  

Spirit Sound Dreaming Circle

Spirit Sound Circle is a wonderfully relaxing and meditative experience. 

An hour-long Sound Vibration Healing Meditation Circle where traditional healing instruments such as Crystal Singing bowls and didgeridoo played to create a tapestry of sound waves that are beneficial for wellbeing.

Spirit Sound Circle Evenings


Dates: Held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

Time: Please arrive at 6.45 pm for a 7.00 start

We will finish at 8.30pm 


Total price per session: $ 20.00

Book and pay in our Shop to reserve a place for our next circle.  

One Day Retreats

Congratulations on giving yourself a well deserved day of pampering. It is fact that caring for yourself increases health and well being.  Absorb a day of insight and relaxation enjoying good company and a healthy nutritious lunch. 

Located in the tranquil rainforest of Tamborine Mountain this retreat will leave you feeling energised physically, emotionally and spiritually. You deserve to be Pampered.


The next One Day Retreat (Pamper Day):

Time: Please arrive at 10.00 am & we will finish around 4.00 pm  


Total price for the day: $ 270.00 (Deposit $70.00)

Book and pay your deposit in our Shop to reserve a place for our next Spiritual Pampering Day.