Youth Meditation

Teenagers Meditation

This meditation group is aimed at young people aged from 11 - 16 years. We include 10 year olds in this group because we understand that young souls are maturing quickly these days. The sessions run for 45 minutes on a fortnightly basis during school terms. These sessions break for school holidays.


Jessica and Robyn offer a Meditation Circle to teach our youth techniques to quieten their busy minds, to live in the moment and be mindful.  This will help them be more self aware and help reduce anxiety and increase concentration.  Sometimes things become too overwhelming which makes everything become difficult. Meditation helps to bring about clarity through being able to focus. 


Each fortnight we will encourage this group to relax, to communicate and express through creativity to increase their coping strategies and enhance self love. 

Benefits of Meditation

Regular meditation sessions aid young people's concentration, clarity and stress release. Helpful for coping with the stresses of everyday life at school, with friends and at home.


Our sessions provide useful skills that can be used now and for many years to come. 

Meditation for Teenagers - Date, Time & Venue



Teenagers Meditation: Held weekly on Mondays. 


Time: Please arrive at 5pm for 45 min session. Finishing at 5.45pm


Venue: Crystallised Healing, 30 Long Road, Mt Tamborine.

Facilitators: Jessica Allam

Make a Booking

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If you want more information about the meditation sessions contact us via landline, mobile or email.


M: Jessica Allam 0422 445 414

M: Robyn Pacey 0411 840 292


P: 07 5545 4561



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$10.00 per session


Each session runs for 45 minutes.

What to bring along

Wear comfortable clothes and bring your water bottle.