Inner Child Healing

Through Inner Child Healing work you can be assisted to release the blockages and trauma in your life. From the time we are born we make decisions as a result of experiences that change the course of our lives.  These decisions are often based on low self confidence, guilt, abandonment or resentment and determine our future relationships in all aspects of our lives.


Inner Child work gives you the opportunity to heal and reverse some of those decisions to bring you happiness and open your heart. Robyn’s own Inner Child journey has reduced fear and stress from her life and most of all brought about self love. It is her passion to share this with you. Through self love we connect with our higher selves and move forward in our life's journey.


Robyn offers you a very safe space and facilitates this sacred work with heart felt love.

What to expect during a session

You will also receive a cleansing using sage, sound and crystal medicine. A sacred safe space is created that is free from judgement and filled with love and respect. This is a very personal journey and confidentiality is guaranteed. 

Make a Booking

To make a booking for an Inner Child Healing please contact Robyn via landline, mobile or email. 


M: Robyn Pacey 0411 840 292 

P: 07 5545 4561



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90 minute session for $110