Reiki Energy Healing

Robyn offers you the gentle healing modality of Reiki, which is non-invasive and relaxing and heals through energy flowing to where in the body, mind or spirit it is needed most. 


The energy flows through the crown chakra of the healer flooding their body first and then out through their hands into your body and energy field. Some Reiki healers transmit the energy through direct touch while others work in a non-contact manner. Many incorporate both techniques in a session.


During an energy healing Robyn may receive psychic messages and will pass them onto you to help you in your healing journey. As part of a Reiki Energy Healing she utilises the power of crystals to enhance the energy, which creates a very powerful healing session. 

What to expect during a session

During this session you will be guided to relax your body and mind. You will receive a sage Aura cleansing to assist in the creation of a sacred healing space. You will then be open to receiving this powerful energy healing. 

Make a Booking

To make a booking for a Reiki Energy Healing please contact Robyn via landline, mobile or email. 



M: Robyn Pacey 0411 840 292 



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60 minute session

for $80

90 minute session for $120