Therapeutic Massage

This treatment offers a massage that guarantees to get into the knots helping you release tension, stress and toxins. During the massage Robyn is guided to work on the areas of your body that need the most attention. If you have repeated pain or tension then this body work is what you need. 


Our body stores emotions that we repress throughout our daily lives. Our ability to store trauma can be held deep within our cells. Robyn's unique ability works to release the emotions stored in the muscles. She works intuitively giving you any messages she receives during this individual body work. These messages are offered by your higher self to help understand why your body is in pain. 


During this body work session you will receive heat treatment using an infra-red lamp,  and Crystal Light Therapy. The session also includes an Aura Cleansing using sage and drumming or crystal bowl sound therapy. 

Products We Use

During each massage I use Organic Coconut Oil, Organic essential oils and Chinese Herbal Oils.


Please let us know if you have any allergies or skin sensitivities when making your booking. 

Make a Booking

To make a booking for a Therapeutic Massage please contact Robyn via landline, mobile or email. 


M: Robyn Pacey 0411 840 292 

P: 07 5545 4561



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60 minutes for $80

90 minutes for $110