Psychic Readings

Tarot Card Readings


Robyn draws upon her psychic abilities of Claircognizance and Clairsentience during readings. She is able to offer you valuable insights into your life's journey.


She is well known for her ability as an insightful reader. During each session Robyn's guidance from spirit provides an understanding of current and past lives, which helps you understand how to bring about positive change in your future.


During a reading session Robyn can receive messages from loved ones who have passed over to share with you. These messages can help with closure or information to help you deal better with grief and loss. 



Fees for readings in person:        

30 min $40 / 60 min $80


Phone Readings: 

 30 min $50 / 60 min $90

Book a Reading

To make a booking for a Psychic Reading please contact Robyn via landline, mobile or email. 


M: Robyn Pacey 0411 840 292 

P: 07 5545 4561



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