At Crystallised Healing we offer two types of massage designed to relax the physical body and release emotions and blockages trapped within. During your massages we aim to release knots and tension that have accumulated in your body due to the stresses and trauma we encounter in everyday life.


Pamper yourself with our One Day Retreat that will balance you emotionally and physically leaving you with renewed energy. 

Relaxing Massage

Enjoy an hour of pure relaxation during our Relaxing Massage.


Robyn offers gentle body work, using hot rocks and a rose quartz massage stone to relax your body and quieten your mind.


You will leave feeling refreshed & rejuvenated.

Therapeutic Massage

Robyn is well known for her ability to find the “knots” and to work them to help release both physical and emotional blocks.


This treatment uses infra heat, Crystal light therapy, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic essential oils and Chinese Herbal Oils.


One Day Retreat (Pampering Day)

Our One Day Retreat includes:


An Aura Sage and Drumming Ceremony

Self Love Workshop

Restorative Yoga session. 

And a delicious vegetarian lunch made to suit all dietary needs.